March 18-20, 2019

Winning with Digital



2019 Conference Agenda

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Monday, March 18, 2019
1:00pm: Registration Open
2:00pm – 5:30pm: Roundtable Discussions (by invitation only)
5:30pm – 6:30pm: Welcome Reception

Tuesday, March 19, 2019
7:30am: Breakfast & Registration
8:30am – 5:30pm: Conference sessions
5:30pm – 6:00pm: Networking Reception

Wednesday, March 20,2019
8:00am: Breakfast
9:00am – 4:30pm: Conference sessions
6:30pm – 9:00pm: Awards cocktail reception, gala and awards ceremony (open to all conference attendees)

Below is the 2018 Conference agenda to as a guide for what to expect at the 2019 Conference.

Check weekly for updates leading up to the AGENDA19 Conference

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2:00pm - 3:30pm

Left Brain? Right Brain? Customer Experience Must Satisfy the Whole Brain-chilada

The truth is, you can no longer separate the logical, left brain expectations from the more intuitive, right brain desires that contribute to customer loyalty. Build your foundational processes and applications using real-time sentiment input from your customer, employees or partners. And, explore a unique approach for measuring, quantifying and mitigating existing customer friction.

Learn with, and from, your peers in this roll-up-your-sleeves collaborative session. Because the enterprise that can feed the whole brain will outpace the competition.

Pre-registration required.

John DuBois, VP, Digital Application and Information Management Practice, NTT DATA
Brad Rucker, SVP, NTT DATA
Abbie Lundberg, Contributing Editor, CIO

Endpoint Security Management in the IoT Era

The complexity of endpoint management has soared with the explosion of new devices that connect to enterprise networks via wired and wireless means.  Join CIO and experts from HP for an interactive discussion on how the threat landscape has evolved as we delve deeper into the IoT era, and explore how best to:
* Develop effective risk awareness and assessment initiatives;
* Rational mitigation strategies in asset management operations
* Compliance with corporate policies and emerging regulations (GDPR)
* Deploy technology solutions and processes that protect the enterprise today…while laying the operational foundation for a secure and risk-managed future.

Pre-registration required.

Presented by HP

Lane Cooper, Contributing Editor, CIO

4:00pm - 5:30pm

Security Strategies in Complex Enterprise Computing Environments

Join Rackspace and CIO for an insightful and interactive conversation on how large organizations are addressing the threat landscape across the various enterprise systems environments. Along with your peers, explore the strategic issues associated with securely managing multiple levels of cloud (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) solutions while still operating legacy on-premises computing platforms.

We will discuss the operational options that should be considered in the context of financial constraints and the ever-evolving array of new technologies that are contributing to the transformation of organizations across vertical industries.

Pre-registration required.


Lane Cooper, Contributing Editor, CIO

Enterprise Transformation with Hybrid Cloud: An Application-centric View

The cloud holds tremendous potential for enterprise IT, and many organizations are moving some of their mission-critical systems to the cloud. But getting it right isn’t simple. In this roundtable, we’ll explore the what, why and how of cloud migrations, including:
• The decision process around legacy systems: what to retire, what to move to SaaS and how to deal with important, differentiating applications
• Optimizing development of new digital cloud native applications with DevOps
• How to integrate and orchestrate multiple clouds and workloads
• Avoiding vendor lock-in
• Acquiring the expertise and skills required for success

Pre-registration required.


Sreedhar Kajeepeta, Global Technology Officer, Fujitsu America
Shawn McPherron, Cloud Services Offering & Marketing Manager, Fujitsu America
Durga Kota, Head of Presales, Hybrid IT, Fujitsu America
Abbie Lundberg, Contributing Editor, CIO 

5:30pm - 6:30pm Welcome Reception

Welcome to the AGENDA18 conference! Grab a specialty cocktail and other refreshments as you make new connections and get ready for a great event.

8:30am - 8:40am Welcome & Opening Remarks

Grand Ballroom, Level 2 – Mezzanine

Jean-Claude Monney, Faculty Member, Digital Transformation, Columbia University

8:40am - 9:20am Meet the Future: Sophia, the Humanoid Robot

You may have seen Sophia on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and now you get to see – and interact with – her in person. Designed to look like Audrey Hepburn, Sophia was created by Dr. David Hanson, founder of Hanson Robotics and former Disney “Imagineer.” Sophia is their latest and most advanced robot; in addition to looking amazingly lifelike, she blinks, sees and speaks like a human. She’ll open our conference with a short keynote on robotics and artificial intelligence and then engage in a moderated conversation. Then she’ll take your questions. West World, look out – Sophia is the real thing.

Anne McCrory, AGENDA18 Conference Chair

9:20am - 9:50am Breaking through Your Digital Deadlock

Your digital transformation is well under way and you are making progress. Customer-centric apps are being spun up rapidly and innovation is now flowing freely throughout your department. But has your enterprise truly digitally transformed? Have you harnessed the agile, start-up culture of the digital natives? 59% of organizations have not. They have reached an impasse in their digital strategy. Whether it is outdated KPIs, a focus on the wrong capabilities, or a limited digital roadmap, chances are your organization is facing challenges that prevent you from moving forward. Join IDC’s Meredith Whalen as she shares IDC’s latest research on how IT leaders are tackling these current challenges. She will share innovative approaches to IT organizational structures, new ways to think about your digital platform, and inspiring ideas for managing a digital roadmap.

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Meredith Whalen, SVP, IT Executive and Industry Research, IDC

9:50am - 10:20am Work Smart and Stay Safe with Chrome Enterprise

Work smart and stay safe with proactive protections, granular policy controls and continuous vulnerability management from Google Chrome Enterprise. Chrome OS, browser and devices work together to reinforce security, while system-wide auto-updates future-proof your business.

Sunil Nambiar, Product Manager, Google

10:20am - 10:50am Networking Break
10:50am - 11:20am

Driving Revenue and Customer Engagement with New Tech

Biscayne Ballroom

The TGI Fridays restaurant chain has embraced digital in a big way. Its TGI Digital effort employs the latest technologies – including AI, chatbots and voice recognition—to speed up mobile ordering and customer service in-restaurant. The result: a 500% increase in social interactions with guests and a 100% increase in “To Go” sales. What’s the secret sauce? Join this session to learn the lessons behind its new customer experience.

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Sherif Mityas, CIO & Chief Strategy Officer, TGI Fridays
Gail Seanor, Senior Director, Digital, TGI Fridays

Transforming Data Usage Across 1,800 Affiliates

Chopin Ballroom

United Way is the largest privately funded non-profit organization in the world, raising $5 billion annual to serve 61 million people through a federation of 1,800 United Way affiliates. And it knew it could increase its effectiveness if it could make its massive amount of performance data and research available to its 13,000 employees. Join this session to hear how the organization went about transforming data access to inform decisions during recent national disasters, fundraising and even casting for public service announcements through a data platform that features customizable dashboards, data visualization and more.

Lisa Bowman, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, United Way Worldwide
Karen Brunn, VP, Research, United Way Worldwide

Building an IoT-Driven Business: The Whirlpool Story

Grand Ballroom

From refrigerator touchscreens that upgrade automatically to ovens that preheat based on information provided via the barcode on a frozen pizza box, IoT has introduced a new digital dimension to traditional home care products.  And at Whirlpool,  the top major appliance manufacturer in the world, that has changed everything – from product development and support to data management and secure storage for the IoT data feeds. Join this session for a look at how IoT can change a business and how the business must respond to make it work, from a people, process and technology perspective.

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Regina Salazar, CIO, Global Product Organization, Whirlpool Corp.

Lessons on Process Automation in the Enterprise

Sandringham Ballroom

Many companies use tools like robotic process automation (RPA) to automate control functions or integrate data after an acquisition or merger. Vanguard is using these tools to save time and cut costs on back-end processing as part of a broader digital transformation effort. Join this session to learn what the financial services firm has learned in its deployment of 20 robots that are reducing manual work — and wait times for clients.

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Michael P. Carr, Principal, Retail Systems Integrations, The Vanguard Group

11:30am - 12:00pm

Simplifying your VDI and UEM Strategy

Grand Ballroom

Learn how Citrix and Chrome combine the security, productivity and controls of Chrome Enterprise with industry-leading application virtualization and unified endpoint management (UEM) solutions from Citrix to provide secure access to mission-critical business applications. With multi-layer security and unified endpoint management features, Chrome Enterprise combined with Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop enable a productive workforce inside or outside your corporate infrastructure for a true digital enterprise.

Sunil Nambiar, Product Manager, Google
Matthew Crawford, Director Workspace Solutions Marketing, Citrix

How IT can Move at the Speed of Business: Sourcing the Right Talent

Biscayne Ballroom

Forget the 5-year plan. As companies rapidly evolve and digitally transform, traditional methods for developing systems are no longer sufficient. Business units and the technology teams enabling them must work more closely than ever before. Solutions must offer the seemingly contradictory twin benefits of preserving existing investments while being quickly modernized and adapted when the business landscape shifts. With all companies facing the same digital challenge, how do you source enough of the right talent to develop applications? Fortunately there are answers and strategies, which will be the focus of this presentation.


Jay Cherrie, Executive Advisor, Appian

Robots Empowering Humans: Clearing the Customer Service Hurdle in an Automated World

Sandringham Ballroom

As consumer demographics change and virtual agent capabilities improve, automated customer service will evolve to be the standard for delivering many customer service activities. Our 2018 primary research yields that an overwhelming 80% of businesses have not yet executed a customer service automation plan, while those that have, are not solving the customer’s key needs, speed AND accuracy. Join Kris Fitzgerald in exploring how an automation ecosystem enables businesses to create, innovate, and close the quality expectation gap between enterprises and consumers.

Kris Fitzgerald, VP & CTO, NTT DATA, Inc.

Technologies for Today’s User: When “Good Enough” Isn’t Enough

Chopin Ballroom

An explosion of new, specialized productivity tools has forced us to reevaluate the way we define the IT stack. The productivity suite has long been considered “good enough,” but users continue to bring tools into their environments. How do modern IT organizations evaluate tools for today’s user? During this session, we’ll focus on the best ways to choose tools to help you make the right decision the first time.

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Bryan Mann, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Dropbox

12:00pm - 1:30pm Networking Lunch


Network with peers in open seating or join a table of your choice for a discussion led by an award winner.

Bringing Tech to Smaller Countries – Nirut Zaveri, KPMG
Changing the Engine of the Airplane while Flying – Darlene Ernstberger, Kodak Alaris
CIO’s Role in Disruption – Chiranjoy Das, SimpleTire
Cloud Strategy for Mature Organizations – Jason Anders, Fannie Mae
Effective Communication – Nik Bronder, The Belt Railway Company of Chicago
ERP/Data Visualization – Edward Palmer, CPA, Pennsylvania Treasury Department
Machine Learning in Health Care – Tabish Sangrar, Aiolos
Mobility in Manufacturing – Praveen Jonnala, CommScope
Overcoming Digital Deadlock – Meredith Whalen, IDC
Product Mindset, Extreme Programming, & Org Design Impact – Patrick Soule, Allstate


1:30pm - 2:10pm From the Workplace to Market: An Enterprise Digital Assistant

The 50,000 employees at Fortune 100 insurance firm Liberty Mutual no longer have to manage through a labyrinth of applications to complete simple tasks. Instead, a digital assistant brings the work to them in a contextual, intelligent, and consumer grade experience. Yet this story of an internally built assistant with hooks into more than 30 applications goes beyond productivity and morale. It’s the impetus for an all-new business that will commercialize the technology and bring it and future non-competitive innovations to market. Join us for this story of innovation and digital product development that will diversify Liberty Mutual’s business portfolio.

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Meghan Hart, VP & Manager, Talent and Enterprise Services Technology, Liberty Mutual Insurance
Brett Caldon, Head of Business Operations, Workgrid Software

2:10pm - 2:40pm Panel Discussion: The Many Forms of Digital Assistants

Digital assistants take many forms and offer varied benefits depending on the audience, depth of knowledge and user experience. We’ll look at several other models and discuss their impact on customers, employees and company culture.


William Confalonieri, VP & Chief Digital Officer, Deakin University Australia
Margaret Mayer, VP, Software Engineering for Conversational AI Platforms, Capital One
Jeff Stone, Director of Digital Customer Service, Discover

Moderator: Anne McCrory, AGENDA18 Conference Chair

2:40pm - 2:55pm Accelerating Delivery of Innovative Business Applications

For digital transformation to be truly scalable and provide a consistent user experience, speed and flexibility are essential.  In this conversation, Marc Wilson and Adam Dennison will discuss the secret weapon that can help you put your digital transformation on the fast track.  They will also reveal essential insights on what’s next for BPM, the role of Robotic Process Automation in the enterprise and why you need to pay attention to blockchain.  Don’t miss this session if you aspire to become an efficient and customer-delighting organization.


Jay Cherrie, Executive Advisor, Appian
Moderator: Adam Dennison, SVP & General Manager, IDG Events & CIO Executive Council and Publisher, CIO

2:55pm - 3:10pm Networking Break
3:10pm - 3:25pm Don’t Assume — Get the Right Data to Improve Customer Experience

The status quo is no longer sufficient.  To acquire and retain customers, organizations across all industries need to provide a streamlined and frictionless customer experience anywhere and at any time.  Accomplishing this requires CIOs to balance innovation and infrastructure needs with improvements in customer experience across all customer touch points.  The role of the IT organization needs to adapt to provide quantifiable value to the business by improving customer interactions.  Join Adam Dennison and Brad Rucker as they drill down into how to identify, measure and mitigate customer friction wherever it is hiding within your customer’s experience.


Brad Rucker, SVP, NTT DATA
Moderator: Adam Dennison, SVP & General Manager, IDG Events & CIO Executive Council and Publisher, CIO

3:25pm - 4:10pm Panel: Real World Solutions to Digital Transformation Problems

Getting to a point where digital is “business as usual” takes a lot of trial and error. Our panelists have encountered and conquered some of the biggest obstacles you likely face.They have created new digital KPIs, integrated once-separate digital units back into the fold, and built an enterprise-wide digital platform. Join this insight-packed discussion as we uncover the maneuvers they made through culture, process, and technology to get their organizations moving forward.

Joel Suchomel, VP of Customer Engagement Platforms, Discover
Regina Salazar
, CIO, Global Product Organization, Whirlpool Corp.
Rajiv Sondhi, VP, Consumer Operations, Capital One

Moderator: Meredith Whalen, SVP, IT Executive and Industry Research, IDC

4:10pm - 5:30pm Workshop: Increasing Your Impact in Transformational Times

Successful executives develop expertise and demonstrate leadership excellence not just in their domain, but across the broader organization. They must master change leadership, grow their market knowledge and show their teams how to focus on the customer.  In this highly interactive session, you will engage in meaningful dialogue with an executive coach to expand your capabilities and broaden your organizational impact in times of transformation. Brought to you by our CIO Executive Council.

View Presentation

Larry Bonfante, Founder, CIO Bench Coach LLC; Executive Coach, CIO Executive Council
Susan Moll, Senior Manager, Program Development, CIO Executive Council

5:30pm - 6:00pm Networking Reception
9:00am - 9:10am Opening Remarks

Grand Ballroom, Level 2 – Mezzanine

Jean-Claude Monney, Faculty Member, Digital Transformation, Columbia University

9:10am - 9:50am How New Technology is Revolutionizing the Theme Park Experience

Universal Parks Technology is leading the industry in using technology to wow guests and achieve business goals. So when it had the opportunity to outfit an all-new water theme park in 2017, it went for customer experience gold: eliminating waiting in lines. But its wearable device doesn’t just let guests virtually wait in line for rides; it also triggers surprises and special effects, creates unique interactive photo opportunities, and provides easy access to park amenities and payments. CIO Bill McCorey will share how his team created this water theme park entertainment experience unlike any other – and the hard won insights from developing advanced technology and working across the company to maximize its effectiveness.

Bill McCorey, SVP & CIO, Parks Technology, Universal Parks & Resorts

9:50am - 10:20am Building a Sustainable Digital Roadmap

In today’s fast-paced world, all business is increasingly digital and work is highly distributed and mobile. A confluence of new generations of workers, varied workstyles and fast-emerging technologies (cloud, mobile, big data/AI, and IoT) is creating new disruptive business models and changing how the world works. These factors are also spawning organizational and IT complexity that is hurting employee productivity; exposing businesses to new security and privacy risks; and challenging IT to monitor and manage it all. Join Tim Minahan as he shares how organizations are breaking through these digital transformation challenges across all industries to build a sustainable digital roadmap for empowering the future of work.

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Tim Minahan, SVP, Business Strategy & CMO, Citrix

10:20am - 11:00am Startup Innovation Inside an Established Company

As CIO and chief strategy officer of workers’ compensation insurer Pinnacol Assurance, Rob Norris was feeling the pressure to innovate quickly and disruptively. His solution was to create a tech startup inside the organization. Fast-forward a year, and now Rob is the CEO of a spinoff company, Cake Insure, which is focused on making it fast and easy for small businesses to buy insurance. In this session, Rob will share his many lessons learned in launching a new business inside a traditional company, and how to break down organizational barriers to disruptive innovation.

View Presentation

Rob Norris, CEO, Cake Insure, Inc.

11:00am - 11:30am Networking Break
11:30am - 12:00pm

Using Virtual Reality for Training

Biscayne Ballroom

Claims adjusters in the insurance industry must be equipped to manage many scenarios, and hands-on training where they evaluate damage in a physically constructed environment is essential. Yet it’s also pricey, inconsistent among locations, and can’t cover every scenario. Join this session to hear how Farmers®, through its IT Innovation Lab (iLab), created an immersive and adaptive VR training environment that covers more than 10,000 scenarios (including water peril caused by a leaky pipe while you’re on vacation – not cheap!) You’ll learn about innovation, VR, training and more.

View Presentation

Ron Guerrier, CIO, Farmers Insurance Group of Companies®
Keith Daly, Chief Claims Officer, Farmers Insurance Group of Companies®

Innovating for Competitive Advantage

Chopin Ballroom

When Telia, the leading broadband and mobile carrier in the Nordic market, embarked on a strategic partnership with Spotify, innovating in the areas around the connected home experience was one of the areas of common interest. Out of this collaboration emerged an open API and an end consumer service called Telia Zone, which allows customers to manage lighting, home security, entertainment and more online, including such features as automatically notifying a parent when their child comes home from school. In addition, Telia is now generating unique real-time insights.  Join this session and hear how this innovation came to be and how Telia used technology such as a graph database – a first in the telecom industry –  to create a big competitive advantage.

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Rickard Damm, Head of Zone – Division X, Telia Company

Driving Change Through Analytics

Sandringham Ballroom

Leading entertainment and sports agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA) had a goal: to determine the correlative factors of diverse casting, diverse audiences, and box office success and its implications on the business case for diversity in motion picture programming.  And after analyzing three years of data from comScore/Screen Engine’s PostTrak, Gracenote’s Studio System, and the MPAA, it did – including the revelation that films with diverse casts drove significantly more revenue than those without. Join this session to learn how CAA drove those insights and built its own database, with dramatic results for clients, the business, and the industry alike.


André Vargas, IT Executive, Creative Artists Agency
Talitha Watkins, Motion Picture Talent Agent, Creative Artists Agency

12:10pm - 12:40pm

How a Clinical Lab is Transforming Its Business with Low-Code

Sandringham Ballroom

Q2 Solutions, a leading global clinical trial laboratory services company, is a joint venture of IQVIA (formerly Quintiles) and Quest Diagnostics. Corporate mergers had led to redundant systems with varying architectures and tech stacks, and it needed to build a new digital platform to run the business. Changing industry needs and a fast-paced business environment called for an innovative development methodology, and Q2 Solutions turned to a low-code application platform to shorten development time. Join this session and hear about their goals, their challenges, their strategy and their results.

View Presentation

Ram Jeyaraman, Director of IT, Q2 Solutions
Dan Juengst, Principal Technology Evangelist, OutSystems

The AI Maturity Model: Mapping Your DataOps Journey

Biscayne Ballroom

Modern enterprise data capabilities have been evolving at a furious pace. The most advanced tech today — artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning — has been quickly commoditized and made available on all the major clouds. As a result, enterprises have set upon a data gold rush. Join this interactive session to learn how Fannie Mae, a Fortune 20 financial services company, has matured its DataOps capabilities over the past several years, and what the future holds in transformational areas such as cloud and AI. Gain perspectives from world-class innovators to consider how mature your data programs are; what kind of impact could they have on your business; and discuss ideas to maximize your journey towards AI maturity.

Jedidiah Yueh, Founder and Executive Chairman of Delphix, Author of Disrupt or Die
Jason Anders, Director Cloud Strategy and Adoption, Fannie Mae

Pursue Your Cloud with Confidence

Chopin Ballroom

Whether your organization is just beginning to formulate a strategy for digital business transformation or you’re executing against your objectives, leveraging cloud technology is bound to be an important consideration.  IT and business leaders are evaluating ways to optimize the ROI of their investments by aggregating hybrid and multi-cloud environments into a unified workspace experience. Join Steve Wilson as he shares how today’s multi-vendor environments can be simplified to provide unparalleled orchestration, enabling the entire organization to have greater agility, security and productivity.

View Presentation

Steve Wilson, VP of Product for Cloud Computing and IoT, Citrix

12:40pm - 2:00pm Networking Lunch

Network with peers in open seating or join a table of your choice for a discussion led by an award winner.

Creating an Innovation Culture – Meg Ramsey, Sungard Availability Services
Data Science/Analytics – André Vargas, Creative Artists Agency
Implementation of an Integration CoE – Lana Belotserkovskaya, Tokio Marine North America Services
Implementing an Intelligent Workplace – Brett Caldon, Workgrid Software (Liberty Mutual spinoff)
Intrapreneurship – Leading Innovation at a Large Enterprise – Mariya Tarakanova, Mercer
Lessons on Process Automation – Michael P. Carr, The Vanguard Group
People and Change Management – Shift to Global Hub Model – Rebecca Jenks, Merck & Co., Inc.
Transforming Data Usage – Karen Brunn, United Way Worldwide
Vintner View Project – Mark Gharibian, E. & J. Gallo Winery
Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality – Prashant Shah, Merck & Co., Inc.

2:00pm - 2:45pm How to Employ Blockchain in Your Business

The last few years have seen blockchain come to the fore as the next generation of the Internet. And if 2016 was the year of defining it and 2017 was the year of understanding why it’s important, 2018 is the year of how to implement it in your business, according to IDC analyst Bill Fearnley. In this session, we’ll explore the progression from blockchain ledger to distributed ledger to smart contracts, from what’s involved to implementation challenges.

Bill Fearnley, Research Director – Worldwide Blockchain Strategies, IDC

2:45pm - 3:00pm Innovation: Lessons from Silicon Valley and More

In this main stage conversation, find out what enterprises need to learn from Silicon Valley to survive the digital era and why classics like The Innovator’s Dilemma are failing enterprises in their transformation efforts. You’ll also hear why product innovation should come before culture and how data is critical to winning the digital race.

Jedidiah Yueh, Founder and Executive Chairman of Delphix, Author of Disrupt or Die
Moderator: Adam Dennison, SVP & General Manager, IDG Events & CIO Executive Council and Publisher, CIO

3:00pm - 3:15pm Approaches to Innovation and Operational Excellence

CIOs and business technology leaders find it an increasing challenge to balance innovation and growth with operations and risk management. Yet that’s clearly the expectation from the top, as their CEOs’ top priorities for them are 1) keep us secure 2) help grow revenue 3) lead the digital business initiative, according to CIO’s 2018 State of the CIO Research. The ability to successfully walk this tightrope can be the difference between a leading organization and a laggard. Bryan Mann and Adam Dennison will explore how organizations can safely leverage technologies with strong user adoption to drive user and customer satisfaction, and ultimately get work done more efficiently to foster innovation.

Bryan Mann, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Dropbox
Moderator: Adam Dennison, SVP & General Manager, IDG Events & CIO Executive Council and Publisher, CIO

3:15pm - 4:00pm Panel Discussion: Secrets of Digital Leadership

Mostly these days we hear about talent shortages: the jobs we can’t fill, the skill sets that are in high demand. But here on stage we’ll meet a group of highly talented, up and coming executives who have what it takes to lead in the digital age – forming the right teams, achieving results, and making the tough talent decisions in organizations in transition. What are their secrets to success? How did they gain the business acumen to be effective in their expanding roles? What experiences and mentors have shaped their approaches? As they ascend through the ranks, what will be the leadership qualities they embrace? We’ll discuss this and more to give you ideas on developing your own staff with these honorees of our Ones to Watch and Digital Edge awards.


Lana Belotserkovskaya, VP, Development, Tokio Marine North America Services
Narasimha Goli, SVP, Global Watch Technology, The Nielsen Company
Tawnya Infantino, Senior Director, Digital, Dignity Health
Shachella James, VP, Technology Operations, CenterPoint Energy

Moderator: Jean-Claude Monney, Faculty Member, Digital Transformation, Columbia University

4:00pm - 4:30pm Interactive Town Hall

In this closing session, we bring everyone together to reflect on the conference themes and help you create an action plan for your return to the office. What inspired you, that you’d like to emulate? What advice are you still looking for? We’ll discuss this and more to ensure you wrap up your conference experience rejuvenated and focused on the challenges ahead.

Rickard Damm, Head of Zone – Division X, Telia Company
Sherif Mityas, CIO & Chief Strategy Officer, TGI Fridays

Moderator: Jean-Claude Monney, Faculty Member, Digital Transformation, Columbia University

6:30pm - 7:15pm Awards Program Cocktail Reception

Join us for a festive beginning to the evening’s events on the Pool Deck. Open to all conference attendees. Business/cocktail attire suggested.

7:15pm - 9:00pm Awards Ceremony and Gala Celebration

Celebrate the recipients of the Digital Edge 50 and the Ones to Watch Awards as we transform the Grand Ballroom for this gala affair. Open to all conference attendees (with ticket, included in your registration). Business/cocktail attire suggested. Underwritten by Chrome and Citrix.